13 Keys for Successful Selling on Ebay

Jan 25, 2013

Top 13 keys to successful  selling on Ebay from the Dataminingguru

1. Everything will sell, it’s just a matter of the  “price”.

2. Communicate, communicate, communicate.

3. Research, Research, Research….find out what people are buying and “Sell “ some!!!

4. Sell only Brand name items……you will get paid more $$$ for them.

5. Focus, Specialize, conserve your time…time is money.

6. Be professional, in your communications, photos, descriptions, and  spelling.

7. More is better…more photos, more details…..will sell more of your items

8. People collect everything…….find something people are collecting and sell it ….if it’s   hard to find…buyers will pay you a more for it.

9. Ship on time…..include you business card or store flyer in every shipment.

10. Ebay gives you the World for 15% you will never find a better deal.

11. A great Ebay product will be hard to find…..and easy to sell.

12. The most profitable items will be small, easy and fast to ship. Smaller items require less processing time and storage space.

13. Selling products without a large enough margin to cover your overhead will eventually put you out of business.