Using the Lovecitycyles Jockey Wheel Conversion Kit

using the Simplex Jockey Wheel Kit

If you have a old classic Suntour or Simplex rear derailleur on your classic vintage bike and would like to keep the original derailleur, Lovecitycycles has the conversion kit that will allow you to replace those 40 year old broken tooth jockey wheels. We offer one kit that has the original hard nylon jockey wheels and now we are offering an anodized alloy set of jockey wheels that have "sealed bearings" to reduce friction and wear.



I always begin by spraying the jockey wheel bolts with a good penetrating oil like WD-40 and let set overnight. Most of the bolts have probably never been removed.  Normally an 8 mm box end wrench will loosen the bolts so they can be removed.  If not I will sometimes have to use a small set of vise grips to loosen the bolts for removal. You may have to rotate the wheel cage to get access to the rear bolt.  Once wheels are removed....simply insert the new jockey wheels and 2 side caps...line up and re-insert the original bolt and tighten.  You may want to clean out the chain guide while replacing the jockey wheels.  I also had a few drop of machine oil to where the caps insert into the sides of the jockey wheel.



If you are using our new "sealed bearing"  alloy wheels...follow the same directions above for removal and installation...but some derailleur models may require the addition of the included Mylar spacers on each side of the side caps ........between the guide and side make sure there is no movement.... side to side..... of the new wheels.  The spacers are required as the new sealed bearing wheels are a bit narrower that the original hard plastic wheels..



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How to Replace Simplex / Suntour Jockey Wheels