How do you creat a Niche…a real life example

While I was developing my vintage road cycling parts business……I discovered that to remove a vintage French freewheel from the wheel hub…..I needed a special freewheel tool to remove it….and guess what…???   Those tools were no longer available for  purchase new, (the original manufacturer had long been gone out of business) OR.. used on ebay …if you could find one .So now my “Niche” light bulb comes on ….and I think…..what I if had some of these tools manufactured….and tried selling them in my ebay store????   Might make some $$$$…right.

Well it took me almost a year to find a small machine shop that would make the tools for me on there computer controlled milling machines in a quantity less than 1,000 at a time. I took delivery on the first 50 last October….have sold over 150 of them since….at $ 32.00 each.   Sell them all over the world….if you need  a new freewheel removal tool for a French freewheel…and there are lots of them out there… gotta get them from

The LCC-01

Untitled-2 copy

The LCC 02


Items like these tools are the perfect internet item to sell.  Hard to find,  small,  easy to ship, and you can sell multiple items without additional    photos, editing, and copywriting…. plus they are Made in the USA!!!

There are lots of these kinds of examples out there…. we just have to keep looking and thinking!!! about a Niche.

Got a good “niche” example????   Send me yours and I will put it on the website…..we all need some encouragement….thanks, the Guru