Lovecitycycles……Simplex Suntour Jockey wheels..

We had been receiving many requests for replacement Jockey Wheels…small chain guide pulleys on bicycle rear derailleurs….that would fit the old Suntour and Simplex derailleurs.  The existing new jockey wheels from Shimano would not fit the old Suntour or Simplex 5 speed derailleurs because the attaching bolt size was to large.  So Lovecitycycles had new correct size adapter bushings made in Loveland, CO  USA, matched them up with the new pulleys and is now offering the replacement wheel kits for sale on ebay for $ 24.99 per set….just click the link or photo below.


On December 1, 2017 we added an upgraded set of aluminum anodized Jockey wheels that have sealed bearings to reduce friction and wear on the chain and pulleys.  These pulleys have been modified to fit with the Simplex and Suntour 6 mm jockey wheel bolts.  These upgraded wheel can be purchased from our ebay store for $ 34.99….just click the link below or the photo.