• Rigida Alloy Rim 27 x 1 1/4 36 Spokes
  • Trisport Flak Jacket Tires 27 Inch
  • Weinmann Alloy Rim 27 x 1 1/4 36 Spokes
  • Normandy High Flange Rear Hub 36 Spokes
  • Mafac Brake Cable Guides France
  • Stronglight 170 mm Crank Set Double
  • Shimano 333 Spoke Guard Chrome Steel 190 mm
  • Kyokuto Top Run KKT Pedal Set
  • Atax 80 mm Alloy Stem France
  • Mafac Competition Brake Calipers
  • Pivo 425 Alloy Handlebar
  • Huret Spoke Guard
  • Atax 375 mm Alloy Handlebar
  • Suntour Compe V Front Derailleur
  • Simplex Downtube Shift Lever Set
  • LJ Simplex Rear Derailleur
  • Motobecane Power Shift Lever Set
  • Lyotard 136R Pedal Set
  • Simplex Suntour Jockey Wheels Sealed Bearings New
  • Look Carbon Arc Clipless Pedals
  • Keo Clipless Pedals France
  • SR Laparade 27.0 mm Seat Post
  • Shimano Ultegra Crankset Double FC 6500
  • Shimano 105 BR 1055 Brake Calipers
  • SR Ringyo 26.4 mm Seat Post
  • Shimano Ultegra Front Derailleur FD 6600 Braze On
  • Shimano 105 Front Derailleur
  • Sakae 26.6 mm Seat Post Alloy
  • Avocet 26.2 mm Seat Post Alloy
  • Shimano 600 Tri Color Rear Derailleur RD 6400
  • Shimano 105 Crankset FC 1057 Triple
  • Shimano 105 Clipless Pedals PD 1051
  • Peugeot 1 Inch Front Fork
  • 395 Chrome Steel Drop Handlebar
  • Cinelli Grammo Stem Cap
  • Mafac Depose Bralke Guides
  • Atom ??? Quill Pedal Set + Christophe Clips France
  • Velox Bar End Plugs
  • Normandy Front Hub High Flange 36 Spokes France
  • Suntour Winner Freewheel
  • Suntour Pro Compe Freewheel
  • SR Laparade 27.2 mm x 220 mm Seat Post
  • Look Arc Clipless Pedal Set
  • Universal Brake Calipers Italy
  • Carnielli 100 mm Stem Italy
  • Huret Rear Derailleur France
  • Suntour Pro Compe 6 Speed Freewheel 13 / 28 Teeth
  • Vintage-Vintage-Gipiemme-26-4-mm-x-190-mm-Fluted-Alloy-Road-Used
  • Simplex OS Rear Derailleur
  • SR Laparade 26.2 mm Seat Post
  • Lovecitycycles Simplex Suntour Sealed Bearing Jockey Wheel Kit
  • Campagnolo Gran Turismo Rear Derailleur
  • Campagnolo Lower Derailleur Clamp


Welcome to Lovecitycycles.com website…..your place to find vintage road cycling replacement or upgrade parts. Lovecitycyles has been selling on ebay  since 2008. Lovecitycycles is a “Top Rated” ebay vendor with over 3,700 customer feed backs and a 100 % positive rating. Lovecitycycles has over 350 items listed for sale on Ebay…with new items listed daily.

 Because of our very dry and moderate climate, the Denver, Boulder, and Ft Colllins, Colorado areas have proven to be a great source of pristine vintage replacement cycling parts. This same area is home to many professional cyclist and professional racing teams…including, previous Olympic Gold Medalist Alexi Grewal.

Also, Lovecitycycles is teaming with several local Colorado businesses to manufacture rare and unavailable replacement items such as our Suntour /  Simplex jockey wheel conversion kit, Cinelli Grammo Stem Cap, Simplex “straight lever” wheel skewer caps, Helicomatic freewheel lock ring removal tool and our Rear Frame Dropout spacers.

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